We Found Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Work Wardrobe

With transeasonal fashion here we tend to spend most of our time in a shopping lull – waiting, wishing, wanting. So how then are we to get our shopping fix? By spending up big on workwear that’s what. Whilst we might have to wait a little longer before hitting the beach, we do have to get up, dress up and show up to work every day. Plus, doing it in style makes it a whole lot easier. 

Workwear is host to a great category of clothes that are for the most part - timeless. Throw in a few trend pieces and amazing accessories and you have the foundation of a very stylish working wardrobe – whatever the season.

The Blazer

An absolute must for any work wardrobe. A blazer signifies having your *stuff* together - GIRL BOSS vibes. Toss on a pair of jeans after work to look sophisticated yet chic for some happy hour drinks.

The Blouse

Depending on your dress code this can be wear you add a little spice to your outfit - bold colours and patterns or stick to the classic plain white. Either way, a handful of blouses are a definite must.

The Woman-Case

Kind of like a briefcase but more feminine, sophisticated and smart. Big enough to hold all the essentials but small enough to commute in with. Perfect for storing your favourite pair of heels for last minute meetings.

The Perfect Pair of Shoes

Whether it's heels, flats or boots - comfort is key. Make sure you purchase something that pairs well with everything and can go from the boardroom to the bar.

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