Stumped On What To Wear? Here's Our Weekly Dressing Guide

Our biggest struggle in the morning is figuring out what we're going to wear! The same goes for when there's any sort of event scheduled in our calendar's - finding an outfit that's perfect for work/play/life is daunting at best. So, we did the work for you and created this weekly guide for every outfit occasion: happy hour, R&R down time, or something flashy for when you've been added to the guest list. Wherever you're going, going in style!

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Work Approved

Because let's face it, we spend most of time at the office so why not look cute while we're there?

Happy Hour

The best texts are always the ones that include "rosé after work?". It's always a yes from us - but sometimes a quick change is needed to be bar ready, these pieces are perfect for just that.

Down Time

If we could we would only have loungewear in our closets, but alas we must be adults with jobs and events that are definitely not sweatpants friendly. However, that won't stop us from buying a few comfy sweaters or two.

Guest List

You know that wedding you thought was months away? It's actually next weekend. Don't worry though, one of these will cure your "omg what do I wear" panic.

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