This is the Christmas Wishlist You Can Send Straight to Your Partner

Long-term relationships tend to involve a lot of lists: to-do lists, grocery lists, joint event lists and our personal favourite... gift lists. Because there’s nothing more spontaneous than telling your partner exactly what you want, how much it is and right here is the link to buy it from – it plays out like a modern day fairytale. 

Speaking from experience though, a curated gift can still hold an element of surprise and we know the best possible way to make that happen. Rather than giving your SO a list of one or two things, put your fancy boots on and give them a bunch of things! That way he/she gets to pick the one they think you’ll love the most and you get to experience the joy of Christmas gifting all over again. See, everyone's a winner.

So go ahead, all you need to do is share this link and then scroll on to try and guess what you'll be getting this Chrissy:


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