30 Dresses Perfect for Summer Weddings

When you think of a summer wedding, images of you prepped, primed and perfect donning your best dress yet may come to mind. But if you’re longingly reading this we’d get the impression that the position for ‘best dress yet’ may still be open. 

Any guest worth their weight in hors d'oeuvres knows that the position is hotly contended and must be first and foremost; insta-worthy, d-floor friendly and wedding appropriate (so unless specifically requested; leave your white dresses at home!).

Weddings in summer call for bucketloads of colour, but if colour is not your friend then opt for a dress that is still “interesting” as such. Think about texture, shape or cut – we’re getting technical. 

Before we journey any further down that path, a nice visual is always the preferred option so scroll on to see what we’re on about and find your very own ‘best dress yet’:

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