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Old Skool

$60–140 $110–140
Size Us M11/w12.5 Us M4/w5.5 Us M12/w13.5 Us M6/w7.5 Us M7/w8.5 Us M5/w6.5 Us M8/w9.5 Us M7/w8.5 Us M9/w10.5 Us M4/w5.5 Us M10/w11.5 Us M12/w13.5 Us M10/w11.5 Us M13/w14.5 Us M11/w12.5 Us M11/w12.5 Us M13/w14.5 Us M6/w7.5 Us M12/w13.5 Us M9/w10.5 Us M5/w6.5 Us M10/w11.5 Us M4/w5.5 Us M5/w6.5 Us 6 Us M6/w7.5 Us M13/w14.5 Us M8/w9.5
An all-time favourite, the Old Skool Vans are a wardrobe staple. Designed for both men and women, these are the most versatile sneakers on the market. - Genuine suede and canvas upper- True black and pale navy- White leather stripe along the sides- Lace-up design- Cushioned collar- Vulcanised rubber sole