FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment 50g

at Selfridges
If you’re an Instagram addict (who isn’t) then you’ll already know about cult label GLAMGLOW. Famed for its metallic mud masks, the brand specialises in creating products that deliver camera ready skin. The FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment is packed with powerful and innovative complexes to create a luminous looking complexion. Using 3 levels of exfoliation, it drives ingredients right into the skin, intensifying the results.GLAMGLOW Flashmud Brightening Treatment Application: Apply to dry face in circular motions to pre exfoliate for improved ingredient absorption. Leave on for 20 minutes. Product will turn semi transparent as ingredients absorb. Wash off with water. Use 3 days in a row for improved results. Thereafter use 2 3x per week for maintained results. Must use High SPF sunscreen daily to protect & maintain results when using FLASHMUD. Results will be lost during extended and/or direct/unprotected sun/sunbed exposure 50g