Charley Full Fit Molded Underwire Bra

at Nordstrom
Size 34gg (7d Us) 34h (8d Us) 34hh (9d Us) 34g (6d Us) 36gg (7d Us) 36h (8d Us) 36hh (9d Us) 36g (6d Us) 38gg (7d Us) 38h (8d Us) 38hh (9d Us) 38g (6d Us) 38f (4d Us) 38ff (5d Us) 40gg (7d Us) 40h (8d Us) 40hh (9d Us) 40g (6d Us) 40f (4d Us) 40ff (5d Us) 42gg (7d Us) 42h (8d Us) 42g (6d Us) 42f (4d Us) 44g (6d Us) 44f (4d Us) 46dd 46e (ddd Us) 46f (4d Us) 46ff (5d Us) 38e (ddd Us) 40dd 40e (ddd Us) 42dd 42e (ddd Us) 42ff (5d Us) 44dd 44e (ddd Us) 44ff (5d Us) 36dd 36e (ddd Us) 36f (4d Us) 38dd
This underwire bra is made with spacer-foam cups that provide breathable, lightweight shaping that's exceptionally soft and comfortable against the skin. Style Name:Elomi Charley Full Fit Molded Underwire Bra. Style Number: 5885483. Available in stores.