Marks and Spencer
Italian Moleskin Regular Fit 5 Pocket Trousers

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at Marks and Spencer
Size 76 Cm Waist-74 Cm 76 Cm Waist-79 Cm 76 Cm Waist-83 Cm 91 Cm Waist-74 Cm 91 Cm Waist-79 Cm 97 Cm Waist-79 Cm 97 Cm Waist-83 Cm 102 Cm Waist-74 Cm 102 Cm Waist-79 Cm 102 Cm Waist-83 Cm 107 Cm Waist-74 Cm 107 Cm Waist-79 Cm 107 Cm Waist-83 Cm 91 Cm Waist-83 Cm 81 Cm Waist-74 Cm 81 Cm Waist-79 Cm 81 Cm Waist-83 Cm 86 Cm Waist-74 Cm 86 Cm Waist-79 Cm 86 Cm Waist-83 Cm 97 Cm Waist-74 Cm 112 Cm Waist-74 Cm 112 Cm Waist-79 Cm 112 Cm Waist-83 Cm
  • These men’s trousers have been made from cotton woven into a heavy Italian moleskin fabric, making for a comfortable and durable wear. Designed with Italian fabric and five pockets for you to keep little essentials on hand, these moleskin trousers are a practical choice of casual clothing.Product Style: Moleskin
  • Regular fit
  • Button and zip fastening
  • Unlined
  • 100% cotton,(exclusive of trimmings)
  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dry