Star Wheels Blanket

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Size 163x203cm
Add bright colour to any room with this Star Wheels blanket from Pendleton. Inspired by one of the best-known medicine wheels which sits high atop the Big Horn Range in Wyoming, this spoked circle of stones was created by Plains Indians between 300 & 800 years ago. The inner and outer cairns lined up with the rising stars as they appeared for the first time on the horizon after being behind the sun; these appearances marked specific events such as the drought season, planting time or the end of summer. This blanket measures 163x203cm, the sized preferred by Native Americans for ceremonial purposes, and looks fabulous hung on the wall or simply used as a blanket. Key features: * Patterned blanket * Material: 82% wool, 18% cotton * Dimensions: 163x203cm * Size preferred by Native Americans for ceremonial purposes * Also suitable for use as a wall hanging or a blanket * Felt-bound with an unnapped finish * Dry clean only * More home accessories available from Pendleton