Graham & Brown
Honolulu Palm Wallpaper

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at Macy's
Graham & Brown's Honolulu Palm wallpaper brings exotic flora to your space in flowing palm fronds that are sure to open up any room with tropical appeal. Dimensions: 20" x 30' Each roll covers 56 square feet. The best way to calculate how many rolls needed would be height times width in feet and divide by 56 (then round up). Using a brush or roller, apply a generous and even layer of paste to the wall where the first length of wallpaper will hang. Ensure that the pasted area is slightly wider than the wallpaper. Apply the wallpaper to the wall directly from the roll. Slide the wallpaper into position, aligning the edges. Smooth down with a brush or damp sponge removing air bubbles from the center to the edges Trim the top and bottom using a sharp knife or straight edge razor. Repeat the process for each strip ensuring the edges are joined and the pattern matched. If you get paste on the front of the wallpaper, remove with a damp sponge immediately. Wallpaper peels off easily when you wish to redecorate Expanded vinyl Imported Web ID: 2889749