Fior di Bacio Incense Box with Lid

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Welcome an enchanting floral scent into your home with the Fior di Bacio incense box from Fornasetti. Featuring the lips of Fornasetti muse Lina Cavalieri, the ceramic lid fits upon the wooden box includes 80 incense sticks which emit the signature Flora scent when lit. The scent features notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, iris, tuberose, sandalwood and white rose reminiscent of the lush florals surrounding the Fornasetti house in Milan. With refillable incense sticks available separately, choose to revive the Flora scent in your Flora incense box, or experience rich, woody tones with the Otto refill incense sticks. Expertly handcrafted in Italy, each piece has been created using the rigorous techniques deployed in the brand’s very first designs made by Piero Fornasetti himself, a tradition which has been revived and continued by his son Barnaba. Refill Flora incense sticks available separately here. Key features: * Incense box * Material: wood, ceramic * Fragrance notes: lily, jasmine, tuberose & sandalwood * Includes 80 Flora incense sticks * Decorated with Fior di Bacio design on lid * Refill incense sticks available separately * A celebration of the brand’s rich visual heritage * Expertly handcrafted in Italy * Using the brand’s longstanding techniques * Fragrance exclusively made in Grasse, France