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Wall clocks

at Yoox
ALESSI Wall clocks. Named after the city in which the prototype was first presented in 1965, at the "La casa abitata" exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi, this clock is a fresh re-interpretation of a classic wall-mounted design. The casing, stripped back to its absolute minimum, highlights the beauty of the dial, which is available in various colors, whilst the adoption of Roman numerals ensures that the design is easy to read. Whilst this piece seems relatively simple, the design was thought out extremely carefully in order to ensure optimal technical and aesthetic results with low manufacturing costs. ABS was chosen as the base material for the clock: easy to mold and therefore suitable for screen-printing in one single operation. The material is positioned on the worktop and flattened via suction (vacuum), and the hands (the mold is designed to allow for a natural curvature during the cooling process) are made from lightweight plastic so as to allow for the use of normal quartz movement. ABS