Sprout Men's ST/3401WTWTWT Cork Dial White Tyvek Strap Watch Sprout Men's ST/3401WTWTWT Cork Dial White Tyvek Strap Watch

This wonderful Sprout timepiece is the product of a company filled with precision engineers concerned with preserving a rich tradition of watchmaking, that also keeps an eye toward a greener tomorrow. Featuring sustainable materials with luxurious accents, Sprout has assembled a selection of timepieces that pushes the boundaries of fashion and inspires an amazing feeling of global stewardship.Sprout's Tyvek® Epiphany We once tried to use recycled paper to make Sprout straps. A great idea, we thought, until we spilled coffee on one and it became a brown mushy mess. So one day, as we were trying to rip open one of those large white mailing envelopes which couldn’t be done without the use an exacto knife, the idea of using Tyvek® came to us! We did a little research and found that Dupont Tyvek® material is made from a high density polyethylene which is water resistant, tear resistant and 100% recyclable! It can be safely incinerated and because it yields water and carbon dioxide, it essentially leaves no residue for disposal. And if recycling or incinerating are not options, Tyvek® can safely be landfilled. Because it is chemically inert and contains no binders, Tyvek will not leach into groundwater. Plus, Tyvek® has a distinctive look and feel – bright white and silky smooth, perfect for taking color and super comfortable to wear - and the more you wear it, the more unique and broken in it will look and feel and your coffee will roll right off! COMPLIANCE All Sprout watches are in compliance with the CPSIA and are lead and phthalate free. The corn resin we use is in full compliance with the American ASTM D6400 as well as the European EN13432 standards for compostable material. MATERIALS Corn Resin The shelf life of corn resin is similar to synthetic plastics. It will not break down during regular wear and use. In a composite environment, corn resin is 99% biodegradable in carbon dioxide and water within 365 days. This means that if you place your watch in the garden, it will biodegrade. Since it's made from corn, it comes from a renewable resource. Conventional plastics use an estimated 200,000 barrels of oil a day in the United States alone but because corn resin is bio-based, it therefore uses no oil resources in production. Organic Cotton The majority of cotton is grown with toxic chemicals. Conventional cotton requires the use of enormous amounts of pesticides - 25% of all insecticides and 10% of all pesticides - which have a huge environmental impact. It is one of the most environmentally damaging crops to grow, as about 84 million pounds of pesticides are sprayed on US cotton crops alone in one year. Some of these chemicals are considered to be the most toxic chemicals in the world. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment and is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Bamboo Bamboo is considered based on its properties as 1 a natural nonsynthetic fiber, 2 a quick-growth plant it's in the grass family that sequesters greenhouse gases, and 3 a renewable plant that can grow back after its three to five year harvesting period. It largely doesn't need chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow. Mineral Crystal Most lenses in the medium price range of watches are made from plexiglass, a type of synthetic plastic. Sprout lenses are made from Mineral crystal which is a type of glass made from sand. It can technically be recycled. Mercury Free Battery Mercury is actually a neurotoxin, which is harmful to both animals and humans. Exposure to even small amounts of mercury over a long period may cause negative health effects including damage to the brain, kidney, lungs and a developing baby. Sprout watches use only Mercury Free batteries. Recycled Fibers Sprout packaging is made from at least 80% post-consumer fibers. It is both recycled and recyclable. Conflict Free Diamonds Our diamonds are all certified and conflict free. Mother-of-Pearl Our Mother-of-Pearl watches are all declared through the Department of Fish and Wildlife in the United States and will never be from forbidden or endangered species. Tyvek Tyvek is a high-density fiber which is strong, water and tear resistant and is recyclable. Tyvek can also be safely incinerated and if recycling or incineration are not options, Tyvek can be safely landfilled. Given the nature of this material, Tyvek is supple and develops a leather-like look over time. Cork Cork is a highly sustainable resource, being both biodegradable and renewable. Cork material is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree without incurring any harm to the tree, which can live up to 250 years. In fact, when the cork is harvested and the bark removed, the tree will absorb 3-5 times as much CO2, and give off more O2, than a tree left idle. Because of this Cork forests support one of the highest levels of biodiversity among forest habitats where plant diversity can reach 135 species per square meter, many of which having culinary, aromatic or medicinal values.

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Sprout Men's ST/7011BKBK Black and Yellow Watch with Black Natural Cork Strap Sprout Men's ST/7011BKBK Black and Yellow Watch with Black Natural Cork Strap

Simple and sleek, add a slight hint of color to an otherwise blacked out ensemble. This cork model features a large black corn resin case, back, buckle, black engraved bezel, black corn resin dial with blue numerals and indexes, and a yellow reflector ring. Look and feel like an undercover agent with this clean and subtle style. Corn Resin Case, Bezel and Caseback Black Natural Cork Strap with Organic Cotton Backing Black Corn Resin Dial with Blue Numerals, Indexes, and Yellow Reflector Ring Blue Aluminum Crown Yellow Hour, Minute, and Sweep Second Hand Mineral Crystal Lens Mercury-Free Battery Approx. Band Length: 240mm Approx. Band Width: 22mm Approx. Case Diameter: 42mm Quartz Movement Hypoallergenic

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