What to Wear to the Spring Races

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Let’s be honest, when we think about the spring racing carnival the names of the contending horses are hardly what comes to mind. Let’s be really honest and just say; I’ve no idea who’s running, how long a furlong is and who on earth is Burlington Bertie? What I do know is that first and foremost what to wear is priority number one – well for me at least.

Now that we’ve identified my speciality, let’s dive into the dos, don’ts and definitelys for this year’s biggest race days:

Derby Day

Dress code: Black and white
With a strict colour palette, create interest in your outfit through cut and texture. Think; lace, ruffles, tailoring and so on. In terms of accessories, pearls are our number #1 pick for 2018 so opt for a stunning pearl fascinator which will pair perfectly with a monochrome outfit.

Melbourne Cup Day

Dress code: Colourful, bold and fashion-forward
With no specific dress code, the options are endless – however this is the biggest race day of them all and playing it safe is just not on the cards. This is the day to pull out all the stops and wear your best outfit yet, dial up the colour, confidence and make sure your choice is fashion-forward and on-trend.

Oaks Day

Dress code: Feminine
Oaks Day is also known as Ladies Day, so a touch of femininity wouldn’t go astray for this spring event. Think romantic prints, floaty dresses and floral fascinators.

Stakes Day

Dress code: Family friendly
Stakes Day is also known as Family Day and as the more relaxing race day on the schedule, the attire should reflect that (in spring racing style). This is the day that you’ll see a few more skirts, off-the-shoulder styles and hats around, dial it down on the statement pieces but dial up the spring vibes.