Last Minute Summer Shopping Haul

by Carmel Dunne

summer haul header

It’s always impressive to go out with a bang, right now it feels as though summer is doing just that. Although we wouldn’t quite describe it as a bang but rather; a firey explosion of the sun.

Last week we almost thought autumn was making an early arrival with it’s rain and 3 degree temperature drop – we even went to the effort to hunt down some transeasonal new arrivals. Upon quickly realising the error in our ways we’ve decided to stick to a summer wardrobe just a little longer.

So whilst we all make a bee-line for the air con/ beach/ freezer we thought it a fitting time to do a last minute summer shopping haul. Spurred on by the fact that even though it’s deemed to be “trending”, naked fashion is still a little way off being endorsed around the office.

Grab your ice-packs peeps, it’s time to shop these last minute finds for summer: