Inside Her Travel Bag with Talisa Sutton

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You don’t have to scroll far through Instagram to get some serious #FOMO. With every second person trading up our winter for the picture perfect shores of Positano, it’s hard not to feel left behind! As winter is still in full swing for another month, there’s plenty of time to pack your bags, jetset to the nearest tropical destination and get to work on that spring tan early.

To learn her well-travelled advice, we spoke to Talisa Sutton of Badlands Blog on what she’s packing in her own travel bag these days and got some bonus advice along the way:

“It's always a good idea to try and plan ahead! Check the forecast in the days leading up to your departure to ensure you have everything you may need packed and ready to go. I also love keeping a spreadsheet on my phone that has a list of any attractions or restaurants that I want to visit, along with their addresses and opening hours in case I get stuck without Wi-Fi, and to help plan out the day.”

Scroll on to discover the must-have travel pieces handpicked by Talisa: