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Accessories to Love with Illustrator Belinda Xia

By Carmel Dunne

We’re feeling inspired today and it’s all due to a very talented illustrator - Belinda Xia. Combining both fashion and art to create stunning artworks of all the fashionable pieces she’s currently loving, on this occasion it was all about the accessories!

We had a quick chat to Belinda to get a few more details on the illustrator behind the accessories:

When did you start illustrating?
Full time almost two years, but on and off since I was a kid. I’ve just got more expensive paints now!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
The trick is always to keep an ear and eye out because inspiration lies everywhere - from your morning Instagram scroll to the supermarket aisles.

What accessories are you crushing on right now?
Statement earrings! The Katerina Psoma feather earrings and D&G Beaded Hoop Earrings (when I can afford it). Accessories are my lifeline when it comes to dressing up as I prefer to be understated in my clothes.

What’s the one staple piece you couldn’t live without?
My Nobody Siren Skinny black jeans - a high-waisted denim godsend!

Who’s your current style icon?
If Victoria Beckham had a lovechild with Olivia Palermo - that’d be it.

Follow Belinda here: @belindaxiaillustration |

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