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40 Accessories To Brighten Your Spring Racing Style

by Verity Beard

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Image source: Getty Images

Spring is here and after months of hibernating under dark and dramatic clothing, the warmer weather allows us to bring a hint of playfulness to our fashion choices. It's the time of year when you can really get creative and colourful with your outfits and wear those pieces you've been saving up for "a special occasion".

However, for many of us, straying from the ever-faithful all-black wardrobe is no easy feat. We get it. The trusty colour has seen us through some of life's most challenging fashion moments and we're not about to ditch her now.

So to ease you into the idea, we've sourced a range of bold and bright accessories that will allow you to dip your toe into the new season's colour palette, without having to commit to wearing the rainbow just yet.

Scroll on below for some of our best picks of bright, new-season accessories.