Christmas Gifts for the Fashion Lover in Your Life

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If you’re familiar with the feeling of finding a gift so great that the thought of giving it away actually pains you. Well, we have some good and bad news, depending on how you look at it. If your end goal is to wow the fashion lover in your life Charles and Keith has the bags, shoes and accessories that will do just that.

Think chic leather slingbacks, a classic tote or a pair of crystal chandelier earrings. These are the gifts so perfect they’re bound to be a hit. The bad news is parting with them is not going to be much fun at all, but at these amazing prices you may very well add a bag or two to your own Christmas pile in the meantime. Be sure to send your thank you notes to Charles and Keith.

Scroll on to discover the perfect Christmas gifts for the fashion lovers in your life:

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Metallic Drawstring Bucket Bag


Crushed Gem Effect Buckle Leather Slingbacks


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Crystal Drop Earrings


Velvet Front Flap Handbag


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Orb Detail Push Lock Handbag


Contrast Strap Crossband Sandals


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Gem Embellishment Leather Heeled Sandals


Chain Detail Turn Lock Bag


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Crystal Embellishment Alphabet Charm


Knotted Detail Handle Bag


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