The ShopStyle Team Reveals Their Best Beauty Buys

by Carmel Dunne

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Beauty, beauty, beauty. Whichever way you look at it, for any Aussie gal beauty products are a must-have. Whether you’re trying to protect your skin from our blistering sun, accentuate some killer cheekbones or just put the finishing touches on your faux glow. But therein poses the bigger question, where do we even start? We decided to extend this question to the ShopStyle team and find out the best beauty buys they just keep on going back for.

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Skin type: Combination skin | Skin concerns: Congestion and hormonal breakouts

“I am a big fan of natural/non-toxic skincare and beauty (I could talk about it forever!) and am gradually swapping out products in my routine. I love anything that promises a glowing complexion and has detoxifying properties. The Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peel and May Lindstrom Problem Solver Masque are great for giving you an instant facial and tackling congestion and the Kypris Antioxidant Dew is amazing for hydration. The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Gel and RMS Un-Cover Up are my go-to makeup products for that no-makeup look.”

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Skin type: Combination skin | Skin concerns: Hormonal breakouts and ageing

“It’s taken me a LONG time to find a skin routine that works for me, I have been tackling hormonal breakouts for what feels like forever. The Eve Lom Cleanser has been my ultimate saving grace and I don’t think I’ll ever move on from it, it has completely cleared my breakouts and allowed me to focus on other concerns such as ageing and repairing my skin from years of acne scars. I am also slightly in love with Mario Badescu so use the Vitamin C moisturiser on repeat alongside another goodie; The Ordinary Retinol serum. In terms of makeup, Nars & Hourglass tick all the right boxes for me!”

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Skin type: Sensitive | Skin concerns: Hydration and uneven skin tone

“My skin is very sensitive so my routine needs to be extremely consistent and balanced to keep it in check. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser is my go-to as a gentle alternative to foundation, it also helps to conceal and even out my skin tone. My face shape is quite round so love Nars Laguna Orgasm Duo for some subtle contouring and again Laura Mercier Brow Dimension Gel to help frame my face. These picks have become my everyday go-to products that work really well on my sensitive skin.”

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Skin type: Combination | Skin concerns: Pigmentation and ageing

“I am by no means a beauty guru, and prefer to keep my routine rather simple with a lot of my learnings passed on from my mum. Over weekends I take the literal no-makeup approach with some trusty SPF handy because pigmentation has begun to rear its head on the daily (too much sun – should have listened to my mum!). During the week though I am working in air con so I tend to gravitate towards products that are hydrating so as to keep my skin feeling fresh. I am lucky enough to have naturally long eyelashes, so mascara is my go-to for makeup on any occasion. As for the Aesop cleanser, I am obsessed with that smell. It’s almost like being in my own personal spa!”

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Skin type: Normal | Skin concerns: Sun protection and ageing

“All of these products have become permanent fixtures in my beauty routine, I love having tan, glowy skin which is where St Tropez, Aesop and Byredo all come in. I also don’t tend to wear much makeup so love a good mascara like Too Faced, Better Than Sex and this bronzer by Hourglass.”