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Kartell Spoon Table
Kartell Spoon Table US$2,370.10–2,873.74 US$2,014.58–2,518.23
Kartell Audrey Chair, Set of 2
Kartell Audrey Chair, Set of 2 US$1,034.22–1,508.24
Kartell Easy Pendant Light
Kartell Easy Pendant Light US$193.92–230.55 US$164.83–201.46
Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp
Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp US$484.79–759.51 US$412.07–686.79
Kartell Jelly Tray
Kartell Jelly Tray $135.74 $108.59
Kartell Taj Table Lamp
Kartell Taj Table Lamp US$592.52–638.31 US$503.65–549.43