Off Topic #32: Bar Hopping & The Little Black Dress #85: Jasmine de Milo Graphic Sequin Pattern Dress & Word Inspired #37: Flirt

Congratulations NekoJapkat on winning the Game of Clue challenge and Magda_ooo on winning the Gareth Pugh challenge! Your looks were both absolutely amazing and I'm happy for your wins! Also thank you so much BeautifulNoise for picking me as winner of the Freedom challenge. I'm so honored that you liked my look. :) Apologies for yet another triple combo but ooh this week is crazy! I love that this site is so dynamic but I'm also scrambling to catch up on everything.

Okay, I decided to triple combine all these challenges together because of these reasons: 1. That dress is so fabulous and perfect for a night of bar-hopping with my girl friends. and 2. When out bar-hopping with my girl friends, what else is a single girl to do but flirt with a bunch of guys to score some free drinks, right? ;) And that dress with those shoes in a bar - definitely perfect to flirt with the first, second or even fifth guy that hits on you. Ah the good ol' days...

Hope you like what I've come up with and thanks for another great challenges NekoJapkat and Magda_ooo! Enjoy this week's Word Inspired everyone, happy flirting! :)