The Historians #6: (Revised) Italian Renaissance / My 500th Look!

Since this is quickly becoming my favorite group challenge, I thought I'd do my 500th look for the Italian Renaissance!

Congratulations madamelucy on your Medieval Witches win, your look was truly bewitching and spectacular.

I did a little research before doing this look and found some very interesting Renaissance trivia that I thought I'd share...

Perhaps at no other time in history was clothing considered as important a status symbol as during the Renaissance. Clothing of the wealthy classes was typically made from silk, cotton (which was a luxury fabric at the time), velvet, and all sorts of intricate brocades.

Early in the Renaissance period meanings were attached to clothing colors.
Green = love
Gray = sorrow
Yellow = hostility
Blue = fidelity (except in the Low Countries where it represented adulterous wives
Red = nobility
Black and Gray = lower status people

At one time laws were passed to keep lower status people from imitating the styles of the nobles, imposing that they could wear only one color of clothing. In protest, people began to slash their outer garments to allow the color of the inner chemises to show through. The "slashing," trend, however was picked up by the upper class and many Renaissance fashions bore this influence. Ironically, later in the period, black and gray were adopted as favored colors by the upper classes because they were such an excellent foil to show off their jewels!

Platform shoes and even high heels appear to have their origins in the Renaissance period. Women began to wear high platform shoes called chopins to keep their feet away from the muddy streets. These chopins were quite ornate, but were seldom seen under the long skirts of the time. By the Elizabethan period the chopins were becoming passe and platforms were lowered and heels carved out, creating a dainty slipper shoe.

Cosmetics were also very popular, particuarly since they helped to hide scarring left by smallpox.